You must ask the court in the county where your case took place. Not all counties have the same rules. Call the criminal court clerk or the district attorney’s office in that county. Ask how to get records erased. A clerk may be able to explain it if you go in person.

Most of the time, you will:

  • Fill out an Order for Expungement paper. To find a copy, look on the court clerk’s website. Or go to the court clerk’s office. Be sure you fill out the right paper. Some counties have one paper for convictions. They have different papers for cases that were dismissed. You can find an example Order for a case that was dismissed here
  • Take it to the Criminal Court Clerk’s office.
  • Bring a photo ID with you, like a driver’s license.
  • Ask the Criminal Court Clerk’s office for a certified copy of the Order. Bring an envelope with your address on it and a stamp so the clerk can mail it to you.