Yes. Unless someone admits to officers that the drugs belong to him/her the officer has the discretion to charge everyone in the car with the drugs. That doesn’t mean that you would be convicted of the offense, but if nobody admits that the drugs belong to them then it will have to be resolved in court. Also, the doctrine of criminal responsibility essentially allows for you to be charged with the same offense of the person who actually committed the crime if certain criteria are met.

Another issue that comes up is actual and constructive possession. If the drugs are on your person, i.e. your pocket, your mouth or something attached to you, you are in actual possession. If the drugs are found in the car but you are near them or can readily access them then you can be charged with them based off the doctrine of constructive possession. You don’t have to acyually have the drugs on you, but if you are around them and can easily access them at any time you can be considered in constructive possession of them.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-11-402